Stellar Talismans

Buddhist Dice Divination


I will answer a pressing question of yours using a traditional Buddhist divination system for which I have appropriate empowerment, transmission, and instruction.

Sometimes in our lives there exists a certain level of uncertainty that needs to be removed in order for us to successfully move forward.

Traditional questions asked in this system are varied and open ended, including:

Family, Property, & Life
Aims and Intentions
Friends & Wealth
Evil Spirits
Spiritual Practice
Lost Articles
Will they come, and will the task be accomplished
General Matters and Suggestions

A written report and audio recording will be emailed detailing the answer to your question, my commentary on the elemental harmony of your circumstances, as well as spiritual practice and practical suggestions I have in order for you to find success in your current situation.

After purchase, I'll follow up regarding your particular question.

Results of the divination are "As Is" and there are no refunds if you don't like your answer.