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10mm lapis and quartz cabochons were engraved the images of the 13th Mansion that evoke it's key elements from traditional sources and suffumigated with aloes wood during the above election.

"Traditional sources say Al-Awwa is auspicious for the increase of trade and personal money, the increase of harvests, for the completion of buildings, and for the liberation of captives.

The Thirteenth Mansion is the Second of a three-Mansion cycle of separation and conjunction. It is emphatically a Mansion of union. When the Moon passes into this Mansion, the conflict of the Twelfth Mansion transmutes into erotic union. This Mansion signifies love, and especially sexual love. But the influence and power of this Mansion extends well beyond love and sex. It is generally auspicious, and it also signifies the achievement of heartfelt desire.

Keywords: Conjunction, erotic bond, alchemical marriage, union, sexuality and vital energy."

Warnock, Christopher. Mansions of the Moon: A Lunar Zodiac for Astrology and Magic . Renaissance Astrology. Kindle Edition.

What People Are Saying

I received a beautiful Jupiter talisman of carnelian stone. I know it has helped me continue to move forward financially this year despite all the struggles. I'm truly grateful for this magic.

-Terrance Gamble, OR

It is rare to find magical talismans of such power and potency, especially when so many so called "talismans" fall short. These are not only fine works of craftsmanship, but are endowed with real cosmic Spirit, and the results of wearing them are often dramatic.

- Miles French, WA

I can sense the power from my ring just holding it's case. And I look forward to possessing one of each of your talismans!


I just wanted to let you know that the Saturn talisman ishelping. I asked him to protect me from curses and also to trim away from my life all that is harming me and it seems to be happening.

Jason, CanadaRole

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