Stellar Talismans

Venus in Taurus Talisman - Love and Awe


A variety of carnelian, aquamarine, and lapis cabochons was engraved with the sigil of Venus' intelligence, as given in Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa's 3 Books of Occult Philosophy and suffumigated with benzoin and saffron. 

The engraving was completed during the time stated in the associated chart image. In the election on March 15nd pieces of saffron or dove feathers (ethically sourced) were placed under the stone, while on March 22nd vervain was placed under the stones and all talismans have only been handled while wearing gloves.

These talismans are good for success in all Venusian endeavors, however, those with saffron were petitioned to aid the wearer in matters of finance, those with vervain were petitioned to give enchanting speech, particularly with spirits, and those with dove feathers were petitioned to give a beautiful singing voice.

A significant backstock of gemstones was ensouled during this election for customer needs and can be set as rings, earrings, and pendants. 

*Disclaimer* I do not guarantee the above or any results from my talismans though there are many clients of mine from around the world that are happy with their results. I also cannot resell talismans because they bind to the owner and because of this, I cannot offer returns, refunds, or exchanges.