Stellar Talismans

Mars in Aries Talisman


10mm garnet and amethyst cabochons were engraved with the sigil of Mars's intelligence, as given in Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa's 3 Books of Occult Philosophy, and suffumigated with saffron, scammony, and aloeswood. 

Some were set in sterling silver ring bases with saffron set under the stone. 

This martial spirit was petitioned for victory in all pursuits, as well as vigor and energy to see success in all projects. All the above mentioned work was completed during the associated electional window. 

A backstock of 10mm gemstones of both kinds was ensouled during this election for customer needs and can be set as rings and pendants. 

*Disclaimer* I do not guarantee the above or any results from my talismans though there are many clients of mine from around the world that are happy with their results. I also cannot resell talismans because they bind to the owner and because of this, I cannot offer returns, refunds, or exchanges.